Newborn Checklist – How Much Do Baby Essentials Cost?

newborn checklist - baby essentials-smCongratulations, you’re having your first baby! You’ve never done this before so how do you know you have all the baby essentials you need? That’s where my handy newborn checklist comes in.

You don’t need to comb parenting message boards to get a definitive list of all the baby essentials. Just follow this newborn checklist and you’re good to go. I’ve even estimated the costs of each item and tallied them up at the end. All the prices in red link to average prices on Amazon. Scroll down if you want to know how much it will all cost!

Baby Essentials – Baby Clothes

I’m starting my newborn checklist with the fun stuff. I know you’ve been imagining all the cute little outfits you’ll be able to dress your baby in. When it comes to clothes, they’re one of the baby essentials you can’t have enough of. Between spitting up and diaper leakage, you’ll need to change your baby more than once a day.


Add Ons:

  • Infant Laundry DetergentEstimated Price: $15

Total Estimated Costs for Clothes:  $281 – $1306

Baby Essentials – Baby Blankets:

 You’ll go through blanket quickly so make sure you have a lot of them. That’s why I’ve included 10 blankets on this newborn checklist. Invest in a great swaddling blanket because that will help you get more sleep. It is absolutely a baby necessity.
  • Cotton Blankets (2) – Estimated Price: $10 – $30 each
  • Receiving Blankets (7) – Estimated Price: $2 – $25 each
  • Swaddling blanket – Estimated Price: $10 – $30 each

Total Estimated Costs for Blankets: $44 – $265

Baby Essentials – Feeding:

You might not need everything in the feeding section of my newborn essential list, but these feeding products will help make your life easier.

  • Bibs (6) Estimated Price: $1 – $5each
  • Burb cloths (4) Estimated Price:$2 – $7 each
  • Breast Pump (1) Estimated Price: $30 – $230
  • Nursing Pillow (1) Estimated Price: $20 – $50
  • Nursing bras (4) Estimated Price: $12 – $60 each
  • Breast Pads Estimated Price: $5 – $12
  • Lotion for Nipples Estimated Price: $5 – $12
  • Four ounce bottles with nipples (9) Estimated Price: $5 – $8each
  • 8 once bottles with nipples (5) Estimated Price: $5 – $7 each
  • Bottle and nipples brushes Estimated Price: $4 – $10
  • Formula Estimated Price: $10 – $25
  • Bottle Carrier Estimated Price: $10 – $15
  • Dishwasher caddy Estimated Price: $4 – $25
  • Breast milk bags Estimated Price: $9 – $17
  • Hot cold gel packs Estimated Price: $8 – $20
  • Highchair Estimated Price: $30 – $130
  • Bowls (2) Estimated Price: $1 – $5each
  • Baby spoons (3) Estimated Price: $1
  • Sippy cups (4)- Estimated Price: $1 – $4
  • Nursing shirts (4) Estimated Price: $10 – $45
  • Drying rack Estimated Price: $7 – $25
  • Baby dish liquid – Estimated Price: $ 5 – $10
  • Lansinoh nipple cream Estimated Price:$10
  • Milkmakers tea Estimated Price:$9

Total Estimated Cost of Feeding Necessities: $340 – $1187

Baby Essentials – Diapering

Diapers are a crucial part of this newborn checklist. You want to make sure you have everything you need so that you’re prepared.

Total Estimated Cost of Diapering Necessities: $157 – $591

Baby Necessities – Bath

Bath time is a fun time! Make sure you’re able to enjoy it by getting everything you need that’s listed on this newborn checklist.

Total Estimated Cost of Bath Essentials: $68 – $160

Baby Necessities – Baby’s Room:

This section of the newborn essential list is expensive because it includes a lot of the big items that you’ll need.  The good thing is that you can reuse these items for your next child and sell them when you’re done!

Total Estimated Cost of Baby’s Room Essentials: $679 – $2225

Baby Necessities – First Aid and Hygiene

Don’t forget to get the items in this section of the newborn essential list. You don’t want to find yourself without them if your baby is sick.

  • Baby thermometer Estimated Price:  $10 – $55
  • Baby Tylenol Estimated Price:   $9
  • Medicine spoon Estimated Price:   $5
  • Nasal aspirator Estimated Price:   $10 – $20
  • Gripe water – Estimated Price:  $10
  • Nail clippers and scissors – Estimated Price:$5 – $10
  • Petroleum jelly – Estimated Price:$5 – $10

Total Estimated Cost of First Aid and Hygiene Essentials: $54 – $119

Baby Necessities – Travel:

You need to be prepared to go out and visit all your doting family and friends. These suggestions will provide you with everything you need to keep your baby happy and safe when you leave home.

Total Estimated Cost of Travel Essentials: $290 – $1050

Baby Necessities – Safety

Safety is crucial. While I newborn might not need some of these items, it’s best to have them on hand because before you know it they’ll be up and about.

Total Estimated Cost of Safety Essentials: $55 – $124

Baby Necessities – Toys

You can’t leave toys off a newborn checklist! These toys will keep your baby interested and get them curious about the world.

Total Estimated Cost of Toy Essentials: $82 – $222

Soothing Things:

With a newborn, you need reinforcements to help you get them to stop crying. These items on the newborn checklist will help you keep your baby calm.

Total Estimated Cost of Soothing Things: $118 – $355

 The Total Cost of the Newborn Checklist:

newborn checklist

While you don’t need all the items on this newborn checklist, this list should help you get started and give you some ideas for what you might need. Having a baby is expensive, so have friends and family help you out by setting up a registry and hosting a baby shower. You might also be able to save some money by buying things on the newborn checklist used or getting hand me downs from friends and family.

Total Estimated Cost of this Newborn Checklist: $2128 – $7604

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